About us and our values

What is .io? is a business discovery platform, a professional network built on trust and reliability. We believe business is built on trust and reputation so we created a platform where you can expose your skills, experience, endorsements, and discover new business opportunities.

Paid features?

Yes, we have premium paid features. While engaging in business networking and discovering opportunities is free of charge, we believe both employers and contractors need to provide some type of accountability with their submissions. By attaching a real cost on submissions, people tend to be more careful and spam is removed.

That, and we also like the money. Cash keeps us happy and able to improve the platform.

Do you have promotional programs?

Lots. We want you to test the service before engaging, so we created these coupon codes which grant you free credit to spend on premium features.

Where can I get a coupon code?

Well, we need all the exposure we can get, and instead of paying a random advertising agency we want to save that money and give you credit in exchange.

If you can grant a tiny amount of exposure to .io we will send you a coupon worth $50 or more. Anything counts: a mention on Twitter, an endorsement on, a positive or negative blog post, etc. Just send us a link with proof and we'll credit $50 or more to your account.