About us and our values

Business Discovery Network

Online contracting and remote employment – freelancing – has proven to be a remarkable tool for finding specialized skills. However, we feel the market suffers greately from an overall accepted lack of accountability. Since the focus has been on lowering costs, quality and talent have decreased accordingly and most companies avoid entering the global outsourcing market due to a lack in quality, reliability and accountability.

Rather than focusing on cheap workforce, is determined to create a trusted network of reliable contractors, a safe environment for small and medium companies to outsource services and operations.

.io is a business growth and discovery platform. We've created an environment where you can showcase your business, experience, branch out to potential clients and discover new business opportunities through the network.


While most online contracting marketplaces use a single step process for publishing project details and accepting bids, is promoting a controlled digital acquisition process by splitting the procedure into smaller rounds - designed to filter, asses and consolidate participants and their capabilities.

Setup your own acquisition process using any of the following procedures, as many times and in any order you want. Once you're happy with the offers you received, award the contract.

  • Request for Information
  • Qualification Round
  • Request for Quotation
  • Request for Proposal
  • Awarding


Online contracting has always been plagued by the lack of trust between shareholders. brings a better reputation indicator, the number and quality of public endorsements. Employers are able to leverage the network and gain insight into the contractor’s history, reputation and technical capabilities.

.io aims to become the de-facto business endorsement network. Trust is the main currency for online business and as endorsements are shared, your business will have access to more opportunities and exposure to potential clients.